Seeing beyond the obvious

Companies that want to leap beyond the constraints of current thought in a specific industry or market stand to gain the most from association with an external resource like GDL Innovation.

People who focus in a particular industry or business area may start to think like others in that area.  Once a mind set is established, logic can monopolize the thought process.  It becomes more difficult to take a non-standard viewpoint, or to ask the foolish question with the all-important answer.  Advances may then be limited to small, logical steps.

But if this situation is recognized, measures can be taken to introduce an external stimulus, and to accelerate the pace of advancement.

Where is the opportunity?

Some companies are considering a first attempt at technology development.  Others are highly experienced, but seeking new ideas from external sources.  Starting at the problem identification stage, we can help clients:

In some cases, we join technology analysis or development projects which are already in progress.

Broad potential for new advances

With the impressive stream of recent developments in electronics and computing, it’s easy to overlook rapid advances on other technical fronts.  For example, materials developments are opening new doors in mature disciplines, such as mechanical engineering.  Refinements in manufacturing techniques permitted by sophisticated electronics are also making it practical and economical to implement the resulting technologies.  So the potential for significant new technology is currently very broad.

Technology as a business tool and asset

Aside from profit and the sheer joy of creating new things, why does anyone pursue technology?  In short, it serves humanity.  Technology provides the means to facilitate commerce, employ people constructively, protect the health and safety of others, or preserve the environment.  Usually a combination of factors comes into play.

While we recognize the greater role of technology to humanity, it is portrayed here in the context of a business tool and asset.  Whether used in confidence, or offered for sale, the majority of technologies succeed by creating business value.  This is true even if profit was not the driving force behind development.

Every successful technology started out as a problem which some company or person experienced, or as a business opportunity which someone recognized.  Today they seem so obvious that we take many technologies for granted.  But most were far from obvious before their times.

Examining potential

Perhaps a problem or fledgling business opportunity is already apparent.  Is it the seed for a successful future technology? Unfortunately, no one can be certain.  However, the situation can often be investigated with minimal cost and risk.

Misplaced reluctance

When an idea is young, skepticism is plentiful.  Humans naturally resist change.  It takes less effort to deny a possibility than to entertain it.  But even if individuals are well informed and well intentioned, dissenting opinions may be just plain wrong.  In light of today’s facts, the following statements are humorous:

History also reports that in 1899, a high influential technology manager retired from active work because he felt that everything of value had already been invented!  Fortunately, not everyone felt constrained by opinions such as these.

The story hasn’t changed

In recent years, numerous technology advances have been made by individuals who pursued ideas that others believed to be impractical, insignificant or impossible.  At GDL Innovation, we witness and experience this frequently.  Companies and individual consumers benefit constantly from the vision and determination of people who dare to swim against the tide of opinion.